Artist Facts

Name: Kensington
Active: 2005-present
Genre: Indie rock

Artist Background

Kensington is a rock band from the Netherlands. It was formed in 2005 and has since then released four studio albums and two EPs. Their music is mainly energetic but it varies in mood. The band is made up of a vocalist and guitarist Casper Starreveld and Eloi Youssef, bassist Jan Haker and drummer Niles Vandenberg. Casper Starreveld and Lucas Lenselink started the band and were later joined by Eloi Youssef though Lucas Lenselink left the group later on. Some of their most popular songs are ‘Do I Ever’, ‘Riddles,’ ‘Bridges’ and ‘Home Again.’

The band Kensington was formed in 2005 but they released their first official song in 2007. They had recorded an EP of five songs in 2006 which is the same year that guitarist and singer Eloi Youssef joined the band. The EP was self-produced and they recorded it in the Second Moon Studio in Dutch. The EP became pretty popular and they played in a number of shows sometimes as support for Indie rock bands in America. They were featured on Dutch Music Channel and in music publications. However, then drummer Lucas Lenselink left the band towards the end of 2007. He felt that the band had different ambitions from his own. He preferred to finish his University education. Niles Vandenberg joined the band a little later as the new drummer. Kensington released their second EP, ‘Youth’, towards the end of 2008. It was also received really well.

Artist Music Career

Kensington started working on their first album in 2009 with the help of producer James Kenosha. Their album, ‘Borders,’ was released in 2010. After that album, Eloi Youssef became the lead vocalist. Casper Starreveld, who had also been the vocalist, chose to concentrate on playing guitar and singing as a backup vocalist. The whole of that year, the band made tours around Netherlands with other supporting bands including pop punk band and Makebelieve.

Kensington band was recognized by promoters from Dutch Prime TV show in January 2011 while they were playing on the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival. They appeared on the TV show De Wereld Draait Door in the same month and played their hit single ‘Youth’. They went on their first tour as the major headliner in February and toured Paradiso Amsterdam, Rotown Rotterdam and Tivoli Utrecht. They released their single ‘Let’s Go’ in March the same year and they went on the ‘Let’s Go’ tour. At this point, Kensington had made a name for itself and was already seen as a solid live band. They released ‘Borders’ and ‘We are the young’ in the same year and in 2012, they released the album ‘Vultures’. In the same year, thy also released the single ‘No Way Out’ and went on tours across Netherlands. In 2016, they released ‘Control’, their fourth album. They also released singles from their next album, ‘Do I ever,’ including ‘Bridges’ and ‘Sorry’.

Artist Major Works And Achievements

The band has been able to make successful tours across Europe and Asia. They have played in various music festivals including the Indian Summer Festival and the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival and a lot of shows in and out of Netherlands. They have released four albums with songs and videos that have received international recognition. They have been featured in Dutch magazines and TV show. In 2012, the band was nominated for the 3FM Awards in the categories ‘Best Artist Rock’ and ‘Serious Talent Award.’ In 2007, MusicFromNL, a music platform in Netherlands, described Kensington band as a band that mixes different music styles and moods to form a comprehensive sound.