Artist Facts

Active: 2008-present
Name: Benjamin John Howard
Genre: Folk, rock, indie folk, ambient
Birth date: 24th April, 1987
Place of birth: Richmond, United Kingdom

Artist Background

Ben Howard is a song writer, English composer, and musician. He was born in London but raised in Devon. Ben Howard is a surfer and musician who also likes to write music and read. He got his first acoustic guitar when he was only 8 and an electric one when he was 12. He, however, preferred the acoustic. He now plays guitar left-handed and is known for his distinctive strumming style. Ben Howard is an introverted musician who tries to keep his business very private. Most of his songs are deep, heart-felt and personal. Even though he started out as a local artist, his popularity quickly spread to the rest of the world. His music is mainly dark and rootsy.

John Howard went to King Edward VI Community College and Torquay Boys’ Grammar school before beginning his Journalism studies at University College Falmouth, Cornwall. He, however, opted out just six months before completion. He chose to put all his focus on music instead. He is also a member of ‘A blaze of Feather’ band as from 2017. He was inspired by songwriters and singers from the 1960s and the 1970s such as; Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and John Martyn.

Artist Music Background

Ben Howard was raised by musical parents who gave him the musical exposure that helped him develop his music from a young age. He played guitar and other instruments as a child and started writing his own songs at age 11. He grew into a popular musician in Devon and his popularity spread to the rest of UK pretty fast. His debut EP known as Games in the Dark was released before he was signed to any record label. It was followed by ‘Old Pine’ and ‘These Waters’. He got signed to Island and Communion and released the album ‘Every Kingdom’ in 2011 with the help of India Bourne and Chris Bond. They made the ‘Every Kingdom’ tour together. In 2012, he launched his music in America and even made appearances in Texas. The TV show ‘House’ featured his song ‘Promise’ on one of their episodes. In 2012, together with Chris Bond as his producer, he released ‘The Burgh Island EP.’ This EP was a lot darker than his previous works. Instead of playing acoustic like he always did, he played electric guitar. Songs from the EP were featured in various movies. He played five tracks from ‘Every Kingdom’ on the Main Pyramid stage at the Glastonbury Festival 2013. Ben Howard was the headliner for the inaugural somersault Festival in Devon. His song ‘I forget where we were’ was named number 26 in the UK Official Albums Chart in 2014.

Artist Music Career

Ben Howard announced that his new album would be released in June 2018 since ‘I forget where we were’ in 2014. He released the songs ‘A boat to an island on the wall’. He released a track list for his new album, ‘Noonday Dream’ on his website. It includes songs such as; ‘Nica Libres At Dusk,’ ‘There’s Your Man’, ‘Someone In The Doorway’, ‘Towing the Line,’ ‘Murmurations’ ‘A Boat To An Island, Part II’ and ‘The Defeat’.

Artist Major Works & Achievements

Ben Howard was nominated for BRIT Awards 2013 and he won on the British Solo Male Artist and British Breakthrough Act categories. At that time, not much was known about him by the rest of the world. He was nominated for the Album of the year award by Mercury Prize in 2012. He was also nominated for the Ivor Novello Awards in 2013 in the Album of the year category.