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Soul music

Soul music has had an immeasurable impact on artists since the 1950s. It can be termed as a combination of gospel music and R&Bs. It has a lot of similarities with R&Bs but mostly uses a lot of gospel-music devices, and a high emphasis on vocals. It has both secular and religious themes. Soul music originated in Memphis and spread in the southern US.

What are the effects of Soul music

It can serve as a headache and stress remedy. Soul music is helpful to individuals who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines by reducing the frequency and duration of a headache. Its soothing effects are good for the mind and soul.

Boosting your immunity. The music is associated with emotional experiences that can lead to secretion of essential hormones ideal for reducing illnesses. Listening or singing soul music is also suitable for decreasing your level of stress which is excellent for your overall health.

They are medicine for your heart. Soul music is right for your heart too. These benefits come from its style and tempo. As you listen to these songs, your breathing and heart rates get faster but at a healthy pace. When you slow the music, the rates reduce too. This is a great way to keep your heart functionality in good shape.

What are the characteristics of soul music?

As mentioned, soul music finds its roots in gospel, rhythm, and blues. Some of its characteristics include;

Its tone. Soul music is characterized by a wide range of emotions. The artists use various sounds from gentle, smooth to harsh and raspy to convey their messages. The feelings are deep, and for those who love going into deep thoughts while listening to music, these songs can take you to another world especially with your eyes closed.

Rhythm.The songs have a definite rhythm. They borrow most of the rhythms from 3 line lyric style, the 12 bar mostly used in the early blues. Some of the originators or old soul music artists include Little Richards, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles. You will notice their distinctive style and rhythm in their songs that identify them from others.

The response routine. A massive call and response style characterize soul music. The artist will call out a phrase, and then the other artist responds to it. This feature makes it more interesting.

Repetitive feature. Soul music can be distinguished due to their repetitive element. It is not an uncommon thing to hear the same phrases and rhythms throughout the song. The artists tend to repeat the same words but in a different way which makes up the song.

Instruments.Soul music is played with a variety of devices infused together. They may include drums, guitar, and piano. The main instruments that distinguish these songs from other music genres include trumpets and saxophone.

If you are out there and not sure of your favorite music genre, try soul music. You will be amazed by the magic that these songs can do in healing your broken soul and can act as an excellent getaway from the world’s never-ending problems. Do not miss out on the best and latest soul music. Stay tuned.