Name: Ludwig van Beethoven
Genre: Classical music
Birth Date: 17 December 1770 – 26 March 1827
Place of Birth: Bonn

Artist Background

When people think about classical music, they typically consider Ludwig van Beethoven as their top choice. He became famous in his lifetime for his musical compositions that were very popular. Concert halls were filled with patrons waiting to hear his classical music routines. Get to know his personal life and the important decisions he made in terms of composition overall as well. Dedicated fans of classical music will enjoy following his life story in all. That reveals attributes of his character and helps people appreciate his work to a greater extent. Ludwig van Beethoven has become a household name among classical music fans out there.

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in to a family in Bonn. That city was then part of the Holy Roman Empire. His family was lower class and lived in a relatively small house in the city. That made it difficult for his genius to be recognized during the early stages of his life. His father worked but could not support the large family in the household. Ludwig van Beethoven relied on his own musical talent to furnish his own education. That propelled him in to society and drew in fame quite quickly for him. People began to recognize his name and understand his true talent for music composition. From an early age Beethoven showed true talent and promise in the competitive world of music composition.
His primary talent was with the piano and that was how he was trained. Classical music training followed some important steps and people wanted to follow along in good time. He quickly developed a following of people who appreciated his musical style. Even the high societies of Austria and other German cities were impressed with his abilities. Ludwig van Beethoven proved that he could play the piano better than most others at the time. His skill level was widely debated and people seemed to take interest in that as well.

Artist Music Career

Ludwig van Beethoven initially supported the rise of Napoleon in Europe at the time. Beethoven actually dedicated his third symphony to Napoleon in its entirety. That is because he once viewed the leader as symbolic of democratic causes in the world. But he became disenfranchised with the politics of Europe and made that a focus of his career. He scratched out the name of Napoleon off of Symphony No. 4 in 1804. That eliminated much of his ties to the new Emperor and political rival too. During the Napoleonic Wars, Beethoven would shift his sympathies to the Duke of Wellington. Many of his later compositions were dedicated to the victories enjoyed by the Duke of Wellington.
Beethoven began to develop hearing problems early in his life. That became a notable aspect of his career in classical music. His compositions began to change in tone and took on a new meaning. Beethoven actually became totally deaf later in his lifetime. He also became closed off to the world and wrote his latter symphonies all by himself. That changed a lot of perspectives on his career and his prestige as a pianist. But many still revere his later symphonies and respect the work that he tends to do overall.

Today, Beethoven is revered for his pure talent as a composition and piano player. His symphonies are still played by orchestral groups all across the world. Many foreign countries have taken a liking to his skills as a musician. His symphonies also defined a new era of classical music in the 19th century. He paved the way for Romantic music of a new kind as well. People appreciate his style and want to emulate that sound whenever they can too. His name is even synonymous with classical music in every way possible. Find out what kind of success he tends to enjoy overall.
Beethoven died in Vienna in 1830 after achieving moderate fame in his lifetime. Arguably, his fame actually grew to greater heights after he died. People in Vienna mourned his death and carried on his legacy as a pianist. Biographies were written and his symphonies are remembered to today as well. That proves that Ludwig van Beethoven was a memorable composer and musician in his own right. In fact, his name stands above almost all others in the world of classical music. Everyday people and serious music fans recognize his gift for talent.

Artist Major works and achievements

Beethoven, considered to be one of the greatest composers in history. So, there is no doubt about the fact that he has earned major achievements throughout his career. First of all, he transitioned from the classical style like Mozart to a more romantic style. Moreover, he has devoted much time in different innovations in the sonata. Even Though he did major work in many genres, his symphonies are among his greatest achievements.