Developing and maintaining the Official.FM website costs a lot of money even though we have a large team that volunteers. We have many times been closed to shutting the doors on Official.FM due to insufficient funds for operations and other costs but this is something we have kept from the public.

We never wanted to beg our visitors for funds because we always believed that somewhere out there is a advertising partner that can not only help grow our website and community but which we can also help grow. Last Saturday we meet with the people behind 2 different companies those being and which run very popular free spins no deposit portals in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The 2 companies would actually be competitors of each other if they would have been targeting the same market but luckily they are not. The meeting we had last Saturday with these 2 companies went very well and we finished the meeting with signing an advertising deal with each company for 36 months.

With 2 big advertising deals we are now going to be able to develop the Official.FM website much faster and also be able to employ some of our amazing volunteers so they can spend all of their time on making this website and our community even better.

We are so thankful to these 2 free spins no deposit casino portals for approaching us and really hearing us out. Please visit their websites as they are very informative and useful for people that like to enjoy casino slot machines or just online casinos in general.