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Country Music

Are you a lover of country music? Well, here is a brief of how it originated. It has been in existence since the 17th century, as an American tradition and its rich history in dating. It is a unique music genre which has been changing from time to time, but most of its distinctive characteristics remain intact. The music originated back in the 1620s, and its roots are mainly from traditional folks. However, later the European music such as opera dominated and that is when the folk melodies started to die in popularity and there came the rise of country music.

What is country music?

It can be termed as a music way for individuals living on farms or people who want to express their lifestyle. It started when Hillbilly music combined folk dance and gospel to come up with a unique sound. Most of the country music is about love, death, nostalgia, and religion among others. Country music is known for its humble beginnings and its simple way of dealing with issues such as work and poverty for the ordinary people.

What are the effects of country music?

The country music emphasizes of emotions and the current happening events such as suicide, love, alcohol consumption and unfortunately, the songs tend to inflict the same behaviors to some adolescents. However, the music is excellent for enjoyment when it is all about love. This can be the best music genre to listen to with your loved one. The lyrics are so deep and when listening to the words carefully; you can as well recite them to your partner. These songs are familiar in operas, movies mostly associated with falling in love. If you wish to have a romantic and calm moment with your lover, country music will help you get there.

It can also be great for pain relief as it has a positive effect on pain management and this includes heartbreaks. It can help in minimizing the sensation and distress. However, avoid listening to the sad country music as the effects are adverse mostly to the adolescent listeners.

What are the characteristics of country music?

Some of the distinctive features that define this music genre include;

The themes: some of the topics that influence the composition of these songs include love, loneliness, family, values, the hard life, and poverty of the ordinary people, rural life, patriotism, vehicles, and prison.

voice: The voice of these includes twang as the predominant features. The vocals vary and are mostly harmonized at the chorus, and you may find it aligned with a 3rd either under or above the melody.

What about the makers: the music mostly comes from rural settings, fan versus artist intimacy or live performances. They can be termed as heartfelt songs.

Instruments: the instruments that are mostly used include acoustic guitar, steel guitar, banjo, bass, fiddle, and mandolin. The lyrics are simple and tend to tell a story. They are powerful but emotional and include a memorable chorus. The instrumentation supports three basic chords, vocals, and plain melody.

Country music is a soothing melody to the heart, soul, and mind. Try listening to these songs and your days might get brighter. Stay tuned for the latest country music hits.