Artists Facts

Name: Andrea Bocelli
Genre: Operatic Pop
Birth Date: September 22, 1958
Place of Birth: Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy
Active: 1982- present

Artist Background

He is best known as an Italian singer and opera contributor. Andrea Bocelli actually became blind at the age of 12 and shifted his career focus to music production. His musical talent is seen during some of the stage performances that he offers. As he has aged, his skill level has grown substantially for those following along. A large fan base has taken interest in the vocal skills that he possesses. Andrea Bocelli wants to share his talent for operatic singing with the world. Follow his exploits and come to understand his ability to sing a number of important opera songs too.

Artist Music Career

He has expanded his career to include songwriting and recording over time. Andrea Bocelli has been active since 1982 and produced many new albums since that time. That has helped raise awareness about his operatic talent on the big stage. His albums are numerous and have also sold well over time too. People recognize Andrea Bocelli as one of the leading singers of his kind over the years. Legions of fans follow him on tour and anticipate every performance he offers to people. Recent performances include his 2008 Asian Tour, which involved a stop off in Japan at the time. That has raised international acclaim for Andrea Bocelli and his vocal talents.

The 2006 Order of Merit from the Italian Republic went to Andrea Bocelli. He received that designation and was elevated to grand officer in the country. That has helped cement his legacy as an Italian operatic singer recognized by the world. Andrea Bocelli also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010. That added to his legacy in a number of ways too. Many different countries have recognized Andrea Bocelli as a leading opera singer in good time. He continues to wow a lot of people with the number of his performances. People look forward to each destination of his opera tour events. That
promises to add to the career of Andrea Bocelli in good time as well.

Artist Major Works & Achievements

Andrea Bocelli has also offered some theater performances in his time. He has played the role of Romeo in an Italian rendition of Romeo & Juliet for an audience. He also sang at an open air pavilion in Yerevan, Armenia for a large group. That was part of the proclamation of Yerevan as a capital city in its own right as well. Millions of concert goers have seen Andrea Bocelli take the stage. That has certainly added to his reputation as a leading singer across the world over. He just released his 15th studio album titled “Cinema” in 2015. That album has sold well and contributes to his assets as an opera singer as well.
His voice has earned him acclaim throughout the world over for many. Andrea Bocelli wants to contribute his tenor singing style to the world of opera. Many royal family members have taken a liking to his skills as a singer. The opera world has certainly recognized his true talent on stage. That bodes well for his future and career as an opera singer on stage. Andrea Bocelli hopes to continue recording studio albums and keeps a high profile across the world over for his fans. Expect him to receive more awards and applause for his talent in singing songs like that.

Andrea Bocelli has enjoyed a lot of acclaim during the course of his career. He was listed among the 50 most beautiful people by People magazine in 1998 recently. He was also nominated by the Grammy Awards for Best New Artist. These and other accomplishments have catapulted him to international fame. People around the world recognize his voice and await his next performance. In many ways, that has elevated his career to all new levels for many. His fans continue to follow his work with great interest as well. That has encourage Andrea Bocelli to continue to perform in front of large crowds