Official Celebrity PAGE: ( DJ XTC) Verified By Mark Zuckerberg CEO and… Founder Everybody likes to eat. That doesn’t make us all chefs. There are a select few who are born with the gift of a musical ear, and more importantly the talent to share it with the world. This is the story of DJ XTC. From “connoisseur” to “guru”, Neal “XTC” McFarlane comes from the “old school” but can kick it new school and still graduate with honours. Educate yourselves. HIS X·PERTISE Old School - classic house - drum 'n bass - jungle - reggae - classic rock HIS X·AMPLES Scarborough, ON seems to be the breeding ground for many a DJ talent. DJ XTC who also hails from this musically and culturally diverse borough of Toronto has his earliest influences rooted in the music of Percy Sledge, Earth, Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, and Kenny Rogers that used to transcend from his mother’s stereo (read as: old school ghetto blaster). He earned his gold stars as a popular house party DJ in west end parts of the cit


DJ XTC "The Old School Guru " Angel Crossing

27 plays

DJ XTC Another Brick

84 plays

DJ XTC "The Old School Guru " Art Of Dungeon Sessions ( KamKing Mix)

54 plays

DJ XTC "The Old School Guru " Brooklyn

29 plays

DJ XTC Christmas Mix

203 plays

DJ XTC Cinco De Mayo 2k12

31 plays

DJ XTC "The Old School Guru " Cool It Now

64 plays

DJ XTC Dat Sexy Body - DJ XTC

47 plays

DJ XTC "The Old School Guru " DJ XTC Birthday MIx

85 plays

DJ XTC Don Dadda

21 plays

DJ XTC Don't Ever Wonder - DJ XTC

73 plays

DJ XTC Drop The E

85 plays

DJ XTC "The Old School Guru " Dungeon Sessions #11

30 plays

DJ XTC Dungeon Sessions 1.15

7 plays

DJ XTC Dungeon Sessions #12

37 plays

DJ XTC "The Old School Guru " From The Dungeon Part 1

39 plays

DJ XTC Half Past Twelve - DJ XTC

84 plays

DJ XTC Hook , Line & Sinker - DJ XTC

44 plays

DJ XTC I Can't Stop

147 plays

DJ XTC I Go Deep

19 plays