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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but currently out of Carrboro, NC, WN… DRKND (24) is a featured hip hop artist with Trickle Media. With tenacious lyricism, pointed concepts, intellectual perspective and an undying love for music, WNDRKND delivers on a highly balanced lyrical aesthetic. In pairing colorful and diverse subject matter with splashy and flavorful instrumentals, WNDRKND is an artist who marches to the beat of his own drum. He is not afraid to experiment, take creative risks or innovate. It is an understanding of these things, that makes WNDRKND one of the next staple artists in not just NC hip hop music, but hip hop as a whole.


WNDRKND Balaclava (prod. PGMW)

58 plays

WNDRKND Dreaming (Prod. Mass Productions)

57 plays

WNDRKND Licks (Prod Mykke Forte)

64 plays

Pusha T Numbers on the Boards (WNDRKND's 2 Cents Remix)

67 plays

Odd Future Oldie (WNDRKND's 2 Cents Remix)

73 plays

WNDRKND Presidents on Sunday (Prod Canya Reial)

107 plays