Somewhere between the realms of symmetrical sequences and chaotic brea… k beats lies the Sponge. Sponge absorbs influence from all forms of sound and genres of music and then reverberates in a way no other space-creature can. Sponge holds down a serious devotion to spreading music. Having played countless outdoor events, club nights and private events - The sound selection is extremely diverse and what some call 'evolved bass' - Making sure to bring nothing but HI-FIDELITY audio to the table, you will always get a unique and immense dance experience. Catering sets specially for events vibes and your ears is one of Sponge's favorite things. Making you smile and groove makes him a happy sponge. Seeing his fans tear up the dance floor as if you didn't exist outside of that perfect blissful state.....that moment is what he lives for. Sponge currently lives between San Diego & Los Angeles, where he is currently a U.S. representative / DJ for Adapted Records