Sri Lanka

Spirited is the reflection of each and every personality of energy tha… t was ever created. ‘We are all one, we are all connected through our Inner Spirit, and we chose our own reality, of our own free will. We are “Spirited” taking you through multiverse‘. MISHA is the Producer & Concept Designer of Spirited. Composing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering all tracks live and taking your Soul Spirit on a journey to a parallel universe, alternate reality with multi-layered melodies of great depth and uplifting waves of energy & vibration. In fascination of the progressive element of psychedelic music, Misha soon discovered that he was able to process his concepts, ideas & emotions, using live instruments,synthesisers, various analogue & digital modulators to form a dynamic and catchy sound, sure to bliss the tribal dance evolution. BB (Mackay)- joins in with Misha as a Co-Producer and on Live Performances taking hold of synth & modulators, to create the sounds of Spirited.


Spirited Astral Cruse

3 plays

Spirited Awaken Terra

12 plays

Spirited Far Away World

56 plays

Spirited Raining In Wonderland

58 plays

Spirited Riddle Box - Cant Stop

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