Somtek alias Daniel Sommer has been active as a sonic explorer since 2… 000. He’s a DJ, live act and a producer. He founded several musical projects like Somtek, Schnauz and Gipsy Syndicate. As Somtek he tears down boarders with his cutting edge live sets around europe. Combining lean, considered, but heavy production skills with an appreciation of diverse rough and glitchy beats. Synonymous for a music which marries carefully laid melodies with unrestrained darkness. WEBPAGE www.danielsommer.biz www.korsettkollektiv.com/somtek CONTACT | BOOKING | SOUND DESIGN | REMIX | COLLABORATION ENQUIRIES www.danielsommer.biz/contact


Somtek and Skylla 6666 Days

89 plays

Somtek Bad Days

51 plays

Somtek Brainwash

45 plays

Somtek and Skylla Darkest Hour

205 plays

Somtek Death Valley

51 plays

Somtek Failed Rituals (Berlin)

29 plays

Somtek FEAR

141 plays

Somtek For Robots and Humans vol.19

19 plays

Somtek Ghost Notes - Live Mix

172 plays

Somtek Lost old Big Beat mix!

56 plays

Somtek Lost old D&B Mix I

55 plays

Somtek Lost old Hard D&B Breakcore mix!

93 plays

Somtek and Skylla Mad Night Session

191 plays

Somtek Midway Day (Intro Set)

34 plays

Somtek Scream

91 plays


370 plays

Somtek Somtek - Enter the Dust

251 plays

Somtek SOMTEK - Vor der Hour 5 (DJ Set)

199 plays

Somtek Spectrum

56 plays

Somtek Sun of a glitch

330 plays