Lucerne, Switzerland

Schnauz alias Daniel Sommer has been active as a sonic explorer since … 2000. He’s a DJ, live act and a producer. He founded several musical projects like Somtek, Schnauz and Gipsy Syndicate. As Schnauz he tears down boarders with his cutting edge live sets around europe. His music is a combination of oldschool rave and chiptune music and contemporary electronic music. www.danielsommer.biz


SCHNAUZ [2003] Funky Vibes

120 plays

Schnauz (in the past) [2004] The kids want tekkno

93 plays

SCHNAUZ [2007] Live @ Whut u call it Round 4

94 plays

SCHNAUZ [2008] a little bit 8 bit....

304 plays

SCHNAUZ [2008] It's party time!

302 plays

SCHNAUZ [2008] Live Mashup Set @ somewhere Earth

65 plays

SCHNAUZ [2009] Rave Sucker

362 plays

SCHNAUZ [2011] Stars

62 plays