Open Space


Open Space is part of 2B Continued network. in it we targeting for & p… resents especially worldwide djs. 2B Continued supports unsigned and independent artists. We want to promote and discover great music so it can be heard. There is opportunity for everyone and everything, so please send us your materials in mp3s 254 kbps / 320 kbps format, as well as your summarized biography. Give us some time to listen to your music and we will get back to you. Send us your music / Submissions If you would like your music to be taken into consideration or to be presented on our platforms please send it to streamdata@live.com Send a track to Open Space directly on our platform, we are in one click away www.2bcontinued.co.il


Melanie Sutherland and Niv Margalit Quest 42

81 plays

Wain Scott & Niv Margalit Quest 42

29 plays

Chris Fortier 2B Continued guest mix - OPEN SPACE - Chris Fortier @ Sin Pr

49 plays

Mr. 2ad Time To Come Back - Guest mix for 2B Continued / Open Space

68 plays

Open Space Acryl - 2B Continued Dedicated set

82 plays

Open Space Noah Pred 2B Continued Dedicated Set (Open Space)

89 plays

Open Space Knyaginya - 2B Continued Dedicated set

398 plays

Open Space Hamza - 2B Continued Dj Set

77 plays

Open Space Ronaldo Robotika - Sometimes

116 plays

Open Space Q-Burns Abstract Message - DJ Mix For 2B Continued

42 plays

Open Space Anat Gilad AKA Anxious G - Spring Breeze 2012 The annual Pas

90 plays

Open Space Guy Freedom - The District

114 plays

Open Space Tubi - PodIUmix 9 - Dub me to the moon

36 plays

Open Space OXYTEK - 2B Continued Mix

76 plays

Open Space Alvaro Hylander DeepWit Recordings - 2B Continued dedicated

87 plays

Open Space Mario Basanov - The Sound of Future Disco Dedicated set for

163 plays

Open Space ray K - Exclusive Guest Mix For 2B Continued

62 plays

Open Space Israel Vines - "Trouble Down" - Compiled for 2B Continued Ma

74 plays

Robert Vadney Guest Producer's Mix for 2B Continued / Open Space

86 plays

Open Space Leandro Maldonado - Exclussive Promo Mix for 2B Continued

17 plays