Jerome Soudan started music at the age of 5 years old in the Conservat… ory of Chambery France. He learned consequently orchestral percussions, clarinet and later on acoustic and electronic drums. He obtained a Master degree of Musicology of the 20th century at the University of Lyon France with congratulation of the jury in 1993. He then settled in Paris where he worked with numerous composers such as Kasper T.Toeplitz for the GRM (Maison de Radio France) or with rock bands such as LES TETINES NOIRES or Industrial bands such as VON MAGNET. In 1996 he moved to Berlin where he started to work as composer and percussion player with the experimental band COLUMN ONE. In 1998 he started his own solo project named MIMETIC. In 2000 he then settled in Geneva Switzerland and began to work with the contemporary rock and new music formation ART ZOYD in France. Since then, Jerome released numerous CD’s or vinyl’s with various bands on different labels such as ANT ZEN, HANDS, PARAMETRIC, MOLOKO+, PRI


Mimetic 1-MIMETIC_Emmanuelle

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Mimetic 2-MIMETIC_MyLanguage

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Mimetic 3-MIMETIC_4444

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Mimetic destructive

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Mimetic Dj set mimeticdjsetoctober2012

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Mimetic North (linka)

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Mimetic overact

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Mimetic Trouble & Desire

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Mimetic tvsky (the young gods cover)

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Mimetic X X7

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Mimetic zealous

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