Leonhard Recordings


2012 sees the birth of the new label Leonhard Recordings managed by Le… onardo. The label will release tracks Hard house,Trance,Hard Trance/Dance,Euro Dance.We are e team of musicians who want to publish good work.Leonhard recordings a label developing in the electronic world of music Links http://leonhardrecordins.bandcamp.com/ http://www.nimbitmusic.com/leonhardrecordings https://soundcloud.com/leonhardrecordings https://twitter.com/LeonhardRecordi


Novevita Africa

45 plays

Luca Marussich Brain Washing

21 plays

Dj Lucia DM City Life

33 plays

Luca Marussich Crazy Girl

67 plays

Leonhard Recordings Dark Trance Gate

30 plays

Luca Marussich Deep in My Soul

151 plays

Luca Marussich FLY IN MY MIND

47 plays

Luca Marussich Hard DF

0 plays

Luca Marussich Head Hide

36 plays

Luca Marussich House Fucker

53 plays

Luca Marussich izmirland

16 plays

Dj Lucia DM Summer ( Luca Marussich Mix )

146 plays

Max Force Tunnel

24 plays

Dj Flashbier Und Die Kraft

36 plays