My name is Balazs Karsai. I was born in Hungary in 1989. Ever since I… can remember, i’ve been interested in music, especially the live instrumentation. There is almost no genre of music in which I could not find enjoyable pieces, but if I had to mention, then jazz, hip-hop, reggae and all the subspecies of dub are the ones that are the closest to me. The first songs were born in experimental style. I got to know dubstep in 2007 and since then I have been following the releases and every kind of activities in this scene. In 2009, I moved to Budapest where I met the members of Dub Phase, who - treating me as family- helped me to affirm myself in this medium. My interest in new styles and solutions is increasing day by day. My goal is to make my music known by more and more people in order to develop further by getting more feedback. Your questions & comments are always welcome ! :) Skype: karsai.balazs [more tunes on soundcloud] Thank you for listening!


Hutz Everest [Forthcoming on Lutetia Delight 24th of june]

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Hutz Footsie-Work All Day /Hutz Remix/

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Hutz Forbearance [free wav on bandcamp]

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Hutz Habitation [free wav on soundcloud!]

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Hutz Intro

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Hutz Liquid Drought

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Hutz New Day

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Hutz West Gold [BunZer0_13_June_2013_Sub_FM] OUT 24 OF JUNE

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