Hanzō Hattori

Paris, France

" Le souvenir est un poète, n'en fais pas un historien." Hanzo Hattor… i (服 部 半 蔵, Hattori Hanzo) also known by the name of Masanari or Masashige (正 成, Masanari or Masashige), born in 1983 is a famous Franco-Japanese ninja dj. His ferocity when mixing, earned him the nickname Oni Hanzo (鬼 半 蔵, Oni Hanzo Hanzo the devil). Hanzo Hattori was the illegitimate son of Sangoku and Bulma. Born a vassal for the Drunkenmaster clan, then the HeufHeuf clan, Hanzo Hattori proved himself to be one of Alf Pacino’s best henchmen, one of his most loyal. He fought his first battle when he was 16 during the Battle of Kebac in 1999 then the Battle of Guadalajara in 2002 - but his most memorable victory is that which followed the death of Papa Smurf in 2003. At that time, Tokugawa Mikado, known as Joe Cagan aka The Twelve Key, and his ninjas were stationed near Osaka, and heard of the assassination of Papa Smurf just in time to escape from Michel Michel’s troops. However, they still weren’t out of danger:


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