dela Moontribe

United States

dela's sound spans a range that includes dreamy downtempo, funky midte… mpo breaks, heavy dubstep, and groovy drum and bass. Dub, tribal, world, hip hop, and techno elements infuse her music, joining deep baselines and thundering bottom ends. dela's sets are a lyrical and psychedelic experience that reflect her resolute positivity and energy for life. dela has been DJing since 1999 and is a resident of Southern California's Moontribe Collective. Over the years, she's had the good fortune of playing at events such as Lightning in a Bottle, the Shambhala Music Festival, The Great Convergence in Egypt, and with other Southern California crews like Green Sector, Electric Cocoon, and FireTribe. More mixes are available on the Moontribe.org downloads page at: www.moontribe.org/download.html "Be humble, for you are made of Earth. Be noble, for you are made of Stars." Live in Love!


dela Moontribe 20 year anniversary FMG - night

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dela Moontribe Firefly in the Indigo Vortex 2012

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dela Moontribe Great Convergence 2012 (Egypt)

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dela Moontribe I am Velocity (live @ Moontribe's March 2013 FMG)

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dela Moontribe Intuitive Transitions (Jan 2013)

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dela Moontribe Live @ Moontribe's May FMG 2012 - "Supermoon"

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dela Moontribe Live @ subMoon Stage - LA Decom 2012

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dela Moontribe Shambhala Dreams 2012

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Desert Dwellers, Eastern Sun, dela Moontribe Spinning Out Of Nothingness (Eastern Sun vs. dela Moontribe

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Eastern Sun, Oscure, dela Moontribe Third Eye High - Eastern Sun vs. dela Dubstep Remix

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